Loretta Lynn's NE Amateur Regional

June 18-20, 2021

NEW FOR 2021, there are two 2-stroke classes (125cc All Stars and 250cc All Stars) which are not National classes and can be entered by any racer 12 years and older regardless of his/her interest in the qualifier classes. These two classes are open to any racer and are entered on-site.

With the exception of two classes, this event is for those who qualified for the Loretta Lynn’s Northeast AMATEUR Regional. Those trying to qualify for Loretta’s should make sure they have a spot on the starting line by registering by the deadline with MX Sports for this regional.

Optional practice day on Friday for event competitors only. All racing with be on the Unadilla Pro National track.


Thursday and Friday we will use Gate S4 as both an entrance and exit. See the click button to the left for a facility map showing the location of Gates S4 and Gates S1/S2.

Saturday and Sunday we will use Gates S1/S2 by the large white barn as the entrance and exit gate.



  • All classes run three motos
  • All motos count towards overall finish
  • All classes race BOTH Saturday and Sunday
  • Racing for all classes begins on Saturday.
  • Top 6 finishers from each National qualifier class advance to the National at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.
  • All racing will be on the Pro National track
  • There is an optional Friday practice (weather permitting)
  • Please note new AMA racing rules as of 2017. All racers competing in amateur classes must be 12 years old or older on the date of the event. Racers must be 14 or older to race a 250cc 2-stroke/4-stroke and 16 or older to race a 450cc, including in any youth class.

If there are more than 41 racers per class, then qualifiers will be run. The results of the Qualifiers and the Consi will count as the Moto 1 finish in that class. The number of positions to advance from the Qualifiers to Moto 2 is determined by Loretta Lynn’s rules; the remainder will transfer to a Consi. The finishers of each Qualifier will then receive their corresponding score for Moto 1. Thus, there will be two 1st place finishers, two 2nd, two 3rd, and so on, for Moto 1. The winner of the Consi will get a score of one more than the last rider transferring from the Qualifier. The Qualifier with the fastest time will receive priority gate pick for Moto 2.


Amateur Regional Class Listing

Class 1: 250 B                        122-250cc

Class 2: 250 B Limited        122-250cc

Class 3: 250 C                       122-250cc

Class 4: 250 C Limited       122-250cc

Class 5: 250 C Jr (12-17) Limited    122-250cc; Must be 14 to race 250cc

Class 6: 450 B                       122-Open cc

Class 7: 450 B Limited        122-Open cc

Class 8: 450 C                       122-Open cc

Class 9: 125 C                         122-125cc

Class 10*: 125cc (12-17) B/C          122-125cc 2-stroke

Class 11*: Schoolboy 1 (12-17) B/C   86-125cc 2-stroke/75-150cc 4-stroke -&-

                                                                    Min. Wheels: Front 19″; Rear 16″

Class 12*: Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C   122-250cc; Must be 14 to race 250cc

OR**: 125cc All-Star              122-250cc 2-stroke

OR**: 250cc All-Star            122-250cc 2-stroke; must be 14 to race 250cc

*Youth age rules apply.

**OR-Open Registration- Non-National Classes. Open to any racer. Do NOT need to be a Regional Qualifier to race these 2 classes. Only “OR” classes are open registration classes.


  • Transponder scoring will be used for all classes.
  • Transponders may be rented on-site for the event
  • Transponder number will be needed at registration


  • There is an optional Friday practice day for event competitors only, weather permitting. Practice starts at 10am and runs through conclusion.
  • You must practice with the group(s) assigned to the classes in which you are competing. Exceptions are made only if the groups are scheduled close together.
  • $35 per group and each group has three rotations. Credit card users will also pay an additional convenience fee.
  • 125cc All-Stars, 250cc All-Stars, and unseated alternates are welcome to participate in Friday practice.
  • Note-there will be a brief practice Saturday morning.

Practice Order will be posted as soon as it is available.


  • Race order is predetermined by series administration…..
  • This is a 3-race format.

Race Order will be posted as soon as it is available.



Registration for the 125cc All Star class and/or 250cc All Star class, will be done on-site during registration hours. These two 2-stroke classes are open to all racers 12 and older (125cc) and 14 and older (250cc) regardless of whether the racer is racing in a Regional Qualifier class. No prior qualifiers are needed for these 2 classes only.

All racers must be a member of the AMA. You can join at the track but are highly encouraged to join/renew online prior to arrival as long as you are connected to a printer. Make sure to bring the printout with you.

Racers under the age of 18 in possession of a “Competition Membership” card from the AMA are still expected to have a parent or guardian in attendance. If a parent is not in attendance, then a dated, signed, and notarized permission slip from your parent with the event name, dates, and location is required. The slip MUST be notarized.


All racers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent. If a parent will not be in attendance, then a notarized permission slip is absolutely required. Even if a sibling 18 years or older is the responsible party, a notarized permission slip is still required. THE AMA COMPETITION MEMBERSHIP CARD AND RELEASE WILL NOT OVERRIDE THIS REQUIREMENT. The permission slip must read as follows:

(DATE) I hereby give permission for my (son/daughter), (child’s name) to race in the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Regional Qualifier at Unadilla MX, New Berlin, NY on June 4-6, 2021. (Name) will be responsible for (him/her) during the event. Signed _______________________________________ Notarized signature and seal A notary public can be found at your bank, local government offices, local public schools, and in many places of business. The permission slip MUST be notarized. We recommend a second notarized slip stating that the responsible party can make medical decisions for the minor should that be necessary.

All non-US citizen racers must have class clearance from the AMA to participate at the Loretta Lynn’s National in Tennessee. We encourage you to contact the AMA Motocross Racing Department at 1-800-AMA-JOIN or mxracing@ama-cycle.org prior to attending any Area Qualifier. You can participate in the Area Qualifier prior to contacting the AMA but this step must be taken prior to the National. You need to make sure you are eligible for the class you are qualifying in so start this process as soon as possible.


  • Alternates will be placed based on power ranking.
  • Non-registered alternates will be accepted in all classes that do not cause the class to have to run qualifiers. In other words, if a class is pre-registered at 35 racers and all 35 are in attendance, there are 5 spots available for non-registered qualified racers or non-registered alternates.
  • If a class is pre-registered at 41 racers, then the number of available spots will depend upon no-shows. If a class is pre-registered with more than 41 racers, then up to 80 racers can be initially placed in the class.
  • Non-registered qualifier racers or non-registered alternates should come to registration during registration hours. You can participate in Friday’s practice day and Saturday morning’s practice. Placement in racing classes cannot be determined until after registration closes on Saturday morning. We will call anyone who is in this situation to registration to let you know whether or not you made it in. Your entry fee(s) will be refunded in any class in which we are unable to place you.


While you should guarantee your spot in any national qualifying class by registering for the Regional through MX Sports by the deadline, that is step #1 in the registration process. You must also come to registration at the track to sign in, sign releases, and pay your track racing fees. The track racing fees are in addition to any MX Sports registration fees. Registration will be held Thursday night from 7:00-9:00pm; Friday from 7:00am-4:00pm, and Saturday morning from 7:00-9:00am. You only need to come to registration one time. Last four digits of your race bike’s frame number and your transponder number will be needed at registration.


Racing: All classes $50-cash price-credit card convenience fee will be applied

Optional Friday practice: $35 per class-cash price-credit card convenience fee will be applied

AMA/ATVA membership:  $49 or $20 day pass *Note that the AMA now offers both one event as well as family membership packages. One event memberships are only available at the track. All other memberships can be taken care ahead of time by using this link: http://www.amajoin.com/UNADMX


Pit Vehicle Pass: $20 (cash*)

  • 18 years old minimum age
  • Limited to front of facility only-no woods riding/joy riding
  • Vehicle hours: 6:30am-8:30 PM
  • Speed Limit should be near walking pace
  • Golf carts and mule-type vehicles only
  • Must come to registration for pass. Each driver must sign release

*credit card users-convenience fee will be applied



Adult $45*

Children $30* (ages 6-11)

*cash price-credit card convenience fee will be applied


Adult $40*

Children $25* (ages 6-11)

*cash price-credit card convenience fee will be applied


Adult $35*

Children $20* (ages 6-11)

*cash price-credit card convenience fee will be applied

Sunday Only

Adult $20*

Children $10* (ages 6-11)

*cash price-credit card convenience fee will be applied


CAMPING $10 per night per vehicle.

Credit card users will pay an additional convenience fee.

There are no electric or water hook-ups.

Water is available on-site to fill tanks/drums.

Modern bathrooms and showers on-site.



June 17th

4:00 pm

Gates Open

7:00 pm- 9:00 pm


12:00 midnight

Gates Close- Holding area available across the street


June 18th

6:00 am

Gates Open

7:00 am – 4:00 pm


10:00 am – conclusion

Optional Practice for event competitors

12:00 midnight

Gates Close- Holding area available across the street


June 19th

6:00 am

Gates Open

7:00 am – 9:00 am


7:45 am

Riders’ Meeting

8:15 am

Brief practice; no late practice (Racing immediately following practice)

11:00 pm

Gates Close


June 20th

6:00 am

Gates Open

8:15 am

Sight lap Practice; no late practice (Racing immediately following practice)





COVID is real and still exists. Racing is not immune to it. In order to keep racing in 2021, we must continuously demonstrate that it is safe to do so. Therefore, the following policies are in place for this event:

MASKS/FACE COVERING: You must wear a face covering that completely covers your nose and mouth when you are unable to be a minimum of 6′ from those who are not in your group. Mandatory no-mask no-service areas are registration and concessions. Other mandatory mask areas are: staging for those accompanying a racer, the mechanics area, the result board and any viewing area that does not allow for social distancing. Do NOT leave your campsite without a face covering.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: 6′ markers will be in place at registration and the food concession. Everyone is asked to social distance at this event. There are few areas where that this not possible so please do your part.

ENHANCED PARKING SPACES: Parkers will be on-site to place more distance between campsites.

SOCIAL GATHERINGS: Prohibited other than with those who you arrived with.

BLEACHERS: Social distancing must be maintained at all times.

PENS: Please bring your own pens to sign gate releases and registration releases.

EXACT CHANGE: Would be appreciated.

SPECTATORS: Not allowed. A spectator is someone who is looking for something to do. A racer’s family or crew is NOT considered a spectator. Prior to the event, a small number of spectators may be allowed. Our best advice is to check ahead of time. Do not wait until the event weekend to check as we are hard to reach during an event!

CLEAN HANDS: We have hand sanitizer stations and sinks in high traffic and high use areas. We encourage frequent hand washing/sanitizing.

HAND SANITIZER: Bring your own supply for your campsite and walk arounds.

GARBAGE: Please bring your own garbage bags. Garbage bags should be taken to one of our dumpsters for the safety of our staff. Extra bags are available if needed.

PRE-EVENT EXPOSURE:  If you or someone you live with has been diagnosed with COVID (15) or less days prior to the event, please stay home. The exception would be if you have been exposed but are fully vaccinated. If you have any of the COVID symptoms prior to the event, please stay home unless you test negative within 3 days or less of the event.



COVID PRECAUTIONS: As this event will be run during the COVID pandemic, please read the COVID precaution section above.

TICKETS: Your arm band is your weekend pass and must be worn at all times. If you leave the facility, you must have it on in order to re-enter. This is your gate ticket. Do not take it off.

SEARCH POLICY:  All vehicles are subject to search at any time. If any fireworks, glass containers, or other prohibited items are found, you may remove them from the property yourself, or we will dispose of them for you. We are not responsible for the safe return of any contraband removed.

PIT RIDING: Pit riding is limited to 5 mph speed limit in the Pits. Pit vehicle permit required. No spectator riding. No wheeled vehicles are allowed through the tunnel into the spectator areas. You must be 18 or older to operate a pit vehicle. Use it responsibly or you will lose the privilege and can be removed from the facility.

DRONES: Drones of any kind are not allowed over the facility.

PETS: All pets must be on a leash. No vicious or barking pets permitted. You must clean up after your pet. 

RIDER REGISTRATION: All riders must properly register before entering the track. All riders must personally be present for rider registration. Minors must accompany their parent or guardian to registration.

REFUNDS: No refunds once practice has concluded on Saturday morning. Do not wait to come to registration if you intend to withdraw.

MEDICAL INSURANCE: We do not have Rider Medical Insurance, and urge you not to race without it. Riders are responsible for their own medical insurance.

ACCIDENTS: Please report all accidents to Rider Registration.

CAMPFIRES:  We permit SMALL contained campfires. Please keep them to a 20” diameter. Please do not abuse this privilege. We will not permit large bonfires or the burning of furniture. No pallets or burning in garbage barrels either, please.

TANK/DRUM FILLING: Available at the fill-up areas.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: All racing rigs/motor homes/camping vehicles must have fully functioning fire extinguishers readily available in the event of an emergency.

GARBAGE: Please bring your own garbage bags and take them to one of our trash dumpsters. If you need an extra bag, the front gate, registration and food concession will have an extra for you.

GUEST CONDUCT: Motocross racing is a family sport. We will not tolerate offensive or inappropriate conduct and reserve the right to remove anyone from the premises. Riders are responsible for the conduct of their crew members, family and friends.

BANNERS: DO NOT take the banners or signage. Violators will be prosecuted for theft and trespassing.

QUIET TIME: Quiet time is 11:00 pm nightly. All loud noise, including loud generators, must be turned off at this time.



SPECIAL NEEDS: If you need handicapped parking accommodations or have other special needs, let us know when you arrive and we will do our best to accommodate you.

RADIO STATION:  Please keep your radio tuned to 90.5 for up-to-date announcements, racing news, interviews and information throughout the weekend. Although we have a public address system, the best way to stay tuned is to tune in.

FOOD: Food is available for purchase on Saturday and Sunday. Concession hours are Saturday 6am-6:30pm and Sunday 6am-4pm.

ICE:  Ice can be purchased at the Concession Area.

GENERAL INFORMATION is located at the Main Gate, Registration and the Food Concession.

LOST & FOUND is located at the Registration Area.